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cs186_fa07_mt1_sol 9

cs186_fa07_mt1_sol 9 - words are added one at a time in...

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Text Search Suppose we were to build an inverted index on the fol owing set of documents using a B+ tree: ford.html mustang expedition focus fonefiftey honda.html accord civic Additional y, assume that: - The index is constructed by sequential y adding documents one at a time in this order (no bulk loading): (1)ford.html, (2) toyota.html, (3) honda.html , (4) wanted.html - When considering x.html, its contents are considered sequential y. For example, for ford.html, the
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Unformatted text preview: words are added one at a time in this order (no bulk loading): (a) mustang, (b) expedition, (c) focus, (d) fonefiftey-The B+ Tree structure fol ows Alternative 2 where data entries are <key, rid> pairs. Note that each document is 1 block. After ford.html’s contents are added, the inverted index looks like this: fonefiftey expedition focus ford.html … Name_________________________________________- 9 -...
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