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ACCY 302 Lab Communications Diagnostic Exercise Name: __________________________________________ UIN: __________________________________________ Circle the name of your L-D Instructor: Chen Shin Turner Fill in the blanks with the correct choice(s). 1. The company should hire the most qualified candidate ___________ [it/they] can find by conducting an external search and selecting _______________ [between/among] its numerous internal applicants. 2. [It’s/Its] not unusual for employees to misunderstand the calculation of their disability pay. The Employee Benefits Office keeps a tally of the [number/amount] of people who consult the Employee Benefits Office for additional information. 3. The calculation of an employee’s disability benefits may [affect/effect] how well an employee is able to manage the short-term [affects/effects] of receiving reduced compensation. 4. Companies do not report all investing and financing transactions in their statements of cash flows [since/because]
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