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ECH 3264: Spring 2007 Quiz#3 April 11, 2007 Name This is a closed book and notes quiz. Make clear all assumptions you make and show your work to get credit. Start a new problem on a new page and only use the front of a page. 1. 20 pts The starting expression for the mass flux in binary system is: ) ( BZ AZ A A AB Az N N x z x cD N + + = (1) A main part of solving mass transfer problems is making the appropriate simplifications to Eq. (1) based on the problem statement. For the problem statements below define and briefly justify the simplification to Eq. 1. DO NOT attempt to solve the problems below – there is no need to derive the governing differential equations for the problem. Drawing a figure might assist you in visualizing the problem statement but is not necessary. (a) (5 pts) Solid A is dissolving in a flowing liquid stream S in a steady-state, isothermal (i.e. no change in temperature) flow system. Assume in accordance with the film model that the surface of A is covered with a stagnant liquid film of thickness
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