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1 ECH 3264: Elementary Transport Phenomena Exam #3 March 26, 2008 Name: Closed book and notes. No calculators. The relevant tables from Appdx. B in BSL are attached. You are allowed one formula sheet (front and back). Start each problem on a new page. DO NOT use the back of a page. Write clearly your assumptions and any parameter definitions. Show your work to get maximum credit. It is helpful to the grader (and to you) if you box intermediate and final answers. Useful information: rL SA r SA L r V r V cylinder sphere cylinder sphere π 2 4 3 4 2 2 3 = = = = (1) (5 pts) For a Newtonian fluid the equation of motion reduces to the Navier-Stokes equation, which is given below in vector-tensor notation. Which terms are eliminated in the above equation for (a) creeping flow and (b) inertial dominated flow. Justify the approximations. (2) (15 pts) Consider an infinitely long cylinder with radius R immersed in a incompressible Newtonian fluid ( µ , ρ ). The cylinder is rotated slowly with angular velocity
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ech%203264_exam3_sp08 - ECH 3264 Exam#3 Elementary...

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