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1 τ xy = 0 Liquid A Liquid B ECH 3264: Elementary Transport Phenomena Exam #2 Feb 27, 2008 Name: Closed book and notes. No calculators. You are allowed one formula sheet (front and back). Start each problem on a new page. DO NOT use the back of a page. Write clearly your assumptions and any parameter definitions. Show your work to get maximum credit. It is helpful to the grader (and to you) if you box intermediate and final answers. Useful information: Relevant volume and surface areas: rL SA r SA L r V r V cylinder sphere cylinder sphere π 2 4 3 4 2 2 3 = = = = 1. (15 pts) Qualitative Questions (a) Two immiscible Newtonian liquids A and B are flowing in laminar steady state flow between two parallel plates (see figure below). Is it possible to get the shear stress profile shown below? Briefly explain your reasoning. (b) Give the definition of the Reynolds number in terms of the ratio of two forces. For the two types of flows shown below, indicate which has the larger Re number (left or right). Justify.
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ech%203264_exam2_sp08 - ECH 3264 Exam#2 Elementary...

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