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Video Assingment - Marvelous and Malevolent Microbes...

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Marvelous and Malevolent Microbes Viewing “Intimate Strangers”episodes and preparing a synopsis Viewing the videos The videos are available on the course WebCT page and directly from the following Web sites: (preferred site) OR . You also can downloaded the MP4 files to you computer from these sites (right click on the episode title or ‘play now’ button and then chose “save link as. ..”) and then play them later while off-line. Alternatively, Dr. Denny will burn a CD with all the files if you bring a blank CD-R disk to class. The videos should play automatically if your computer has Apple Quicktime 7 or RealPlayer 10 or newer versions of these programs already installed (they can be downloaded for free from the Web). Writing a synopsis Your synopsis should be a paragraph or two (less than 350 words) that relates, in your own words, the most important concepts of the episode. A good synopsis is more than a just a summary (or simple recapitulation) of the facts or events presented in the video. Instead, it should demonstrate your understanding of the material presented by relating how the major points contribute to the overall theme of each video. You may consult other online or written
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Video Assingment - Marvelous and Malevolent Microbes...

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