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evolution handout 2

evolution handout 2 - Testing Postulate 2 Is Some of the...

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Unformatted text preview: Testing Postulate 2: Is Some of the Variation Among Individuals Heritable? - is the variation caused by environment or genetic-=3? - heritability of beak depth in GeOSpiza fortis ' TLC! Dfisqzlring heal-c depth {mm} so so 1D.fl 11s Mldparant heal: depth [nun] Testin Postulate 3: Is There an Excess of Offspring So That Only Some Individuals Survive to Reproduce? - A drought in 1977 produced a dramatic selection event . even in normal times—89% of GeoSpiza conirostris die before breeding Testing Postulate 4: Are Survival and Reproduction Nonrandom? - a distinct subset of the population survived better ' . change in average beak depth is correlated to change in seed hardness I following heavy rains selection was for smaller body and beak size. Explain how natural selection produced these camouflaged frogs (using plot) Note: Evolution by Natural selection is NOT purpose driven! ' ...
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