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biolab next step assignment - By the beginning of next...

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What to do: 1) Ask one biologically relevant and researchable question about one animal you studied today and write a 2-4 sentence explanation. By 12:05pm Sunday : send your question and explanation to me AND two peers whose emails are underneath yours on the list. (The class email list will be sent to you today; put your names on the assignment) 2) Write reviews of TWO questions and explanations written by your peers (see Page 23 for guidelines). ½ page per review.
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Unformatted text preview: By the beginning of next week’s lab : you will need to have two copies of the two reviews to distribute to your peers AND me. (If you don’t receive your peers’ questions and explanation by 12:05 Sunday, please contact me as soon as possible) 3) Read a sample 1108L research article (eLC) and make notes in your journal, see Page 24 for guidelines. At the beginning of next week’s lab : you will show your journal notes to me....
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