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psy200 syll S09 - INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY PSY 200.002...

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INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY PSY 200.002 Spring, 2009 MWF 9:10-10:00 Poe 216. Dr. Kalat (rhymes with ballot) Office: Poe 762A. Phone: 515-1733 Mailbox in Poe 640 Office hours: Monday 10:15-11:30 and Wednesday 3:00-4:45 pm or by appointment email: Indicate “PSY 200” in subject line Teaching Assistant: Steven Toaddy Office: Poe 729 Office hours: TH 1000-1130 email: Experimetrix supervisor: Jeffrey Smith Office Poe 729B Email: TEXTBOOK: Introduction to Psychology , 8th ed., by J. W. Kalat. WEB SITE: At the upper right of this site, click on Students Companion Site for this textbook. Then you can choose a chapter to do Tutorial quizzes, Online Try It Yourself activities, etc. WebCT Vista site: (Has lecture outlines.) Information about careers in psychology: GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENT STATUS 1. PSY 200 satisfies a General Education Requirement (GER) in Social Sciences. 2. GER Objectives for the Social Sciences category: Each course in the social science category of the General Education requirements will provide instruction and guidance that help students to: A. understand at least one if the following: human behavior, mental processes, organizational processes, or institutional processes; and B. understand how social scientific methods may be applied to the study of human behavior, mental processes, organizational processes, or institutional processes; and C. use theories or concepts of the social sciences to understand real-world problems, including the underlying origins of such problems. STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES FOR THE COURSE By the end of this course, students should be able to: *1. Describe the basic terms, fundamental findings, and scope of the major fields within psychology. 2. Understand the various fields and approaches within psychology well enough to choose additional relevant courses in psychology, if appropriate to the student’s interests. *3. Understand the principal methods of psychological research, including their strengths and limitations. *4. Critically evaluate the evidence and logic behind claims regarding behavior and its causes. *5. Understand how one might apply psychological research to issues faced by society. *GER outcomes COURSE REQUIREMENTS: MULTIPLE-CHOICE TESTS , Jan 30, Feb. 20, Mar. 18, and Apr. 13. All cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off and out of reach during tests. Each test has 47 questions (or possibly 48). Letter grades: A=42 to 47. B=37 to 41. C=31 to 36. D=27 to 30. At the semester's end, those near the top or bottom of a letter range will receive a plus or a minus. If you believe that one of your "incorrect" answers was correct, you may submit a written defense of your
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psy200 syll S09 - INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY PSY 200.002...

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