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Unformatted text preview: 8/25/2009 BME!416/516 Biomedical!Imaging Instructors!: Ted!Trouard,!PhD Biomedical!Engineering Rm 131A!Keating/BIO5!Buidling 626"2177 Art!Gmitro,!PhD Radiology Rm.!!168,!Radiology!Research!Bldg.! 626"4720 Rembrandt van Rijn (1632) American!Institute!for!Medical!and!Biological!Engineering Hall!of!Fame 1 8/25/2009 Texts Medical!Imaging!Signals!and!Systems Prince!and!Links,!ISBN!0"13"065353"5 Foundations!of!Image!Science Barrett!and!Myers Linear!Systems,!Fourier!Transforms!and!Optics G kill Gaskill The!Essential!Physics!of!Medical!Imaging Bushberg,!Seibert,!Leidholdt,!Boonel Different!Nomenclature Prince!and!Links!!"!Trouard,!Gmitro!!!!!!!!! e j$ !!"!!ei$ x!!"!!x!!!!!!!!!!!!# !!!"!!x0 !!!!!!!!!!u!!"!!k x !!!!!!!!!!u0 !!"!!k x0 y!! !! y!!!!!!!!!!!!% !!!"!! y0 !!!!!!!!!!v!!"!!k y !!!!!!!!!!v0 !! !!k y0 !!"!! !!! !! !! !! !!"!! z!!"!!z!!!!!!!!!!!!!&!!!"!!z0 !!!!!!!!!!w!!"!!k z !!!!!!!!!!w0 !!"!!k z0 r!!"!!r!!!!!!!!!!!!!a!!!"!!r0 !!!!!!!!!!q!!!"!!kr !!!!!!!!!!!'0 !!"!!kr0 2 8/25/2009 Digital!Medical!Images 3 8/25/2009 4X Standard Radiologic! Format Sagittal A S P I A Axial R P S L Coronal R I L 4 8/25/2009 ImageJ Demo Brightness Contrast! LUT 5 ...
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