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asteroid essay - Armageddon? By: Ryan Sanders...

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Armageddon? By: Ryan Sanders (951) 775-8636 Writing 340 Dr. Ramsey 4/28/09 Abstract Planet Earth is bombarded by hundreds of grain size particles every day, but every once in a while, Earth crosses paths with a rock the size of small states. These events can be detrimental to life on Earth as we know it. If the immediate effect of local vaporization and acid rain doesn’t destroy enough, the subsequent nuclear ice age may do the trick. Fortunately, Engineers have come up with numerous ways to protect ourselves against such asteroids. However, due to the immense complexity of this task as well as the political roadblock of countries not wanting other countries to gain too much power by having control of a device that could destroy asteroids, not enough progress has been made. If humanity could come together and put our differences aside, we could collectively have control of a machine that would effectively protect us against the threat of asteroids. Key Words Asteroid, Impulsive, Slow Push, Celestial Body, NASA Biography My name is Ryan Sanders and I am majoring in Industrial Engineering and minoring in Mathematical Finance. Born and raised in Southern California, I am now a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity at USC. With an immense passion for outer space and some experience as an aerospace engineering major freshman year, I very much enjoyed researching this topic.
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their extinction has been a topic of much admiration in our society. Unfortunately for us, the last day on their calendar, which has been interpreted as doomsday or the last day of Earth, is supposed to occur in December of 2012. What if however, they were off by only about fifteen months out of a thousand year old prediction and they saw the incoming asteroid colliding with Earth (Fig. 1)? Engineers predict an asteroid (a tenth the size of that which wiped out the dinosaurs) could possibly hit Earth on March 21, 2014 (Asteroid). If we are lucky enough to not get hit by this asteroid, it can be considered our practice run for what we will be faced with in the future. In spite of the severity of this possibility though, asteroid impact with Earth remains a relatively uncommon topic of conversation for society. However, engineers from around the world are consistently facing new challenges with this problem, such as what could destroy or deflect such a large body as well as the politics of who would have control of such a destroyer. Unfortunately, our engineers have faced political and technological roadblocks. By increasing peoples’ awareness of the situation and therefore further motivating our leaders into action, our engineers’ idea of a celestial body destroyer could be implemented and permanently alleviate this threat to Earth. Figure 1: Asteroid headed for Earth
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asteroid essay - Armageddon? By: Ryan Sanders...

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