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ISE 310 assignment 11 - Ryan Sanders 1 ISE 310 Assignment...

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Ryan Sanders ISE 310 Assignment 11 1. Performance of layout is dependent on dynamic flow of products and customers within the layout system. There are 3 types of performance models for analyzing material handling systems: a. Analytical open-system models b. Analytical closed-system models c. Discrete-event simulation models There are 4 fundamental integration principles: a. Tangential circulation flow network – used when the circulation or MHS flow network is tangential to the activities in the facility layout. b. Circulation network polygon – used when circulation network takes up area in the layout and it actually simple polygon having a varying width and overall length. c. Steiner Minimal Tree Problem – represents the minimal length network to connect at given set of N-terminal in the plane or higher dimensions. d. Circulation Network Flow Analysis – solve planar graph layout geometry and generate block diagrams. Solve SMTG problem to define the Steiner circulation polygon. Open Network System Design Tool – GQNET: Are multiple product types and customer classes that want to use facility so must find best combination of the options.
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ISE 310 assignment 11 - Ryan Sanders 1 ISE 310 Assignment...

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