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Ryan Sanders ISE 435 Spring 2009 Final May 12, 2009 Name (Print) ____Ryan Sanders__________________________ SCORE (Out of 170)___________ FINAL EXAM (take home) 1. This is a “take home” exam. Materials allowed for use during the final: textbook, lecture & lab slides, homework solutions, and Arena user manuals. No web searches or other sources outside the set allowed. The exam is an individual effort, and as such you are not to share your work with anybody. 2. The maximum possible score is 170 points (32% of the course grade). All questions are equally weighted. 3. Print your name clearly on every page of the exam. 4. If you feel that information provided in any given question is insufficient, make appropriate assumptions that state them clearly. (Conversely, it is possible that more information may be given than is necessary to solve a given problem.) Unless otherwise indicated , the problems are independent of each other . 5. Concisely show/describe all work . Please place in this document the equations/derivations and the computational final results (pictures, tables, etc.), and refer to the details of the computation in the adjoining solution files. Animation is not required, but will be awarded bonus points. 6. Submit/upload the completed exam (Word document) and the additional solution files (Excel or Arena) on the Blackboard site by 9:00 pm on Tuesday, May 12, 2009. This is a firm deadline. 7. Any violation of the rules regarding consultation with others or use of outside materials will be considered honor code violations. In addition, lateness will lead to assessment of penalties in grading. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I certify that I have neither given nor received any unauthorized assistance on this exam and that I have used only the materials allowed described above. __Ryan Sanders_____7164539701_______________________ Instructor: Adumitroaie Use extra paper if necessary. ISE 435 Spring 2009 But mark question clearly. Final
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Ryan Sanders NAME (print)__Ryan Sanders________________ SCORE_______________ Problem 1. A simulation model of a job shop was developed to investigate different scheduling rules. To validate the output model, the scheduling rule currently used was incorporated into the model and the resulting output was compared against system behavior. By searching the previous year’s database records, it was estimated that the average number of jobs in the shop was 22.5 on a given day. Seven independent replications of the model were run, each of 30 days’ duration, with the following results for average number of jobs in the shop: 18. 9
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ISE_435_Spring_2009_Final_Exam_Ryan_Sanders - Ryan Sanders...

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