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ISE460 Spring 2007 Session 10 02/09/07 Assignment 06 Due 02/21/07 Reminder - all assignments must be submitted by a team – if you don’t have a team yet, make sure you get on one. Also, some reminders about team work in No. 1 below. No. 1 (4 points) Read the introduction and first Chapter of David Friedman’s book “Hidden Order”. This part is available on the assignment page directly below this assignment. You should buy the book in the bookstore – it is inexpensive, and you will need more of it for future assignments and I will not post any more of it. (Friedman’s website is also a link on our DEN website - http://www.daviddfriedman.com/index.shtml) As a team, write 3 pages (double spaced, 12 point, 1”margins) about what you came up with as a consensus opinion and describe how you arrived at the consensus. Include both understanding and evaluation of the material. Also describe how you decided on what each individual would do to contribute. Everyone on the team receives the same
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