Web Chapter 18 and 22 Day 4

Web Chapter 18 and - CostVolumeProfit Analysis Chapter 22 NOTE Focus on pages 880884 888889 891893 CM Income Statement Volume Sales Revenue Less

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Unformatted text preview: CostVolumeProfit Analysis Chapter 22 NOTE: Focus on pages 880884, 888889, 891893 CM Income Statement Volume Sales Revenue Less: Variable costs Contribution margin Less: Fixed costs Net Income 10,000 Unit $20.00 13.63 $6.37 Total $200,000 136,300 $63,700 15,900 $47,800 CM Ratio = CM $ / Sales Computing Sales for BreakEven Point (Unit Price x Vol) (Unit VC x Vol) FC = Net income Break-even point in $ = Fixed costs Contribution margin ratio 15,900 (20 13.63) / 20 $49,922 Managerial Accounting Concepts and Principles Chapter 18 NOTE: Focus on pages 718723, 725731 Period and Product Costs (Exhibit 18.8, page 727) Period Costs (Expenses) 2007 Income Statement Operating Expenses Cost of Goods Sold Sold Product Costs (Inventory) 2007 Balance Sheet Inventory Raw Materials Goods in Process Finished Goods 2008 Income Statement Cost of Goods Sold 2007 Costs Incurred Not Sold ...
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