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Course Objectives Chapter 10 Econ 423 - Financial Markets Lauren Heller, Summer 2009 Chapter 10: The Bond Market Objectives – By the end of this chapter, you should be able to: o Delineate the types of securities traded in capital markets, and explain how the bond market differs from the money market as well as other capital markets. o Describe the market for Treasury bonds in detail, and be able to compare Treasury bills, notes, and bonds on the basis of interest rate fluctuations and expected inflation. You should also be able to explain how alternative treasury securities, such as inflation-indexed treasury securities and STRIPS, differ from traditional Treasury bonds. o Compare and contrast treasury securities with other types of government debt in terms of liquidity and default risk. Be able to cite examples of government agencies that issue their own debt. o Define the types of municipal bonds currently offered on the market (both general obligation and revenue bonds), and explain the benefits and costs of holding these types of bonds
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