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BISC 220 Exam 3 Review

BISC 220 Exam 3 Review - BIO 220 Midterm 3 Review Sunday...

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BIO 220 Midterm 3 Review Dr. Herrera Sunday, April 5, 2009 Brenda, Diana, Sarah & TJ [email protected] http://www.usc.edu/si The Circulatory System What is Homeostasis? And this it accomplished by what type of feedback mechanism? _______________ After a large meal, blood glucose levels rise. _______________cells in the pancreas release _______________which… This will decrease blood glucose levels. If blood glucose levels is too low (exercise or fasting), _______________cells in the pancreas release _______________, which… This increases blood glucose levels Characteristics of each type of heart Fish Amphibians Reptiles Mammals + Birds Characteristics Characteristics Characteristics Characteristics ____ chambered heart. _______ circuit of blood flow. ________ chambered heart. ______ circuits of blood flow: _______________ and _______________ . The problem with a 3 chambered heart is… _____ chambered heart ______ circuits of blood flow. Is mixing a problem? When is the Right Systemic Aorta used? 4 chambered heart. 2 circuits of flow. Mixing?
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11 5 6 7 Coming form the body, deoxygenated blood passes though the (1) _______________ into the first compartment (2) _______________ . There it is pressurized, and passes thought (3) _______________ valve, entering the (4) 1 _______________. Then blood passes though a (5) _______________ valve, and along the (6) _______________ towards the lungs. Once oxygenated, blood returns via the (7) _______________ , and empties into the (8) _______________ . Here it’s 2 pressurized again and passes though another (9) _______________ valve into the (10) _______________ . The left ventricle contracts and blood exits through another _______________ valve, into the (11) _______________ . 1 3 8 4 The heart electrically stimulates itself. This is known as being _______________ . The pacemaker of the heart is the _______________ It sends an action potential across the atria through gap junctions, causing the atria to contract. This contraction of the heart is called _______________and the relaxation of the heart is _______________. Chambers in the heart fill during what stage? The Action Potential excites another patch called the _______________with sends the signal along the partition of the heart _______________in specialized fibers called _______________fibers from a structure called the ____________________. Insulated tissue prevents the action potential from spreading to the ventricles.
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