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Sociology of Work (Soc 359) Fall 2008 Dr. C. Williams Name:_____________________________ Homework Assignment #1 Write a two-page essay addressing the following questions. Your essay should follow proper essay format (intro-body-conclusion). Double-space, use standard margins, and print in 12-point font. Cite the relevant readings from Sept 11-18 in your essay. When you cite from the readings, indicate the author(s) and page numbers of the quote or passage you are using in parentheses. For examples: (Smith, p. 101); (Zuboff, p. 115). This essay is due at the beginning of class on September 18.
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Unformatted text preview: Attach this sheet (or a print-out of this page) to your essay. Technological innovation—especially the computer information revolution—is a hallmark of the “new economy.” Some of your readings claim that new computer technologies have resulted in downsizing and the “deskilling” of work, while others claim that computers have transformed (but not eliminated) workers’ jobs and skills. Discuss these two perspectives, offering evidence for each side. In your conclusion, state your views about this debate....
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