Marx lecture notes - Marx - 19th century England Marx said...

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Marx - 19 th century England Marx said that capitalism and democracy are completely incompatible Private property – is individual property ownership. The owners of private property were the bourgeoisie. Proletariats did not own property Labor power – our means to survival – you are forced to sell your labor power for wages in order for sustenance and survival Proletariats – felt they lived low, like animals. Marx felt very sorry for them – they had an animal level of existence. Only in capitalism can an individual buy and sell Where as feudalism – the land was passed down in families The workers got poorer, they more they produced – the externalization of workers They were pushed down to animal existence. Even animals have a better life – they have fresh air, they can fly away. Workers do not control the product of their labor, therefore they get poorer - they have no access – it is taken away from them. The worker is making the capitalist rich, expanding the capitalists’ lives and capitalism but their own life is not enriching Exploitation – only source of profit value under capitalism – Marx said it is stealing value from the worker, underpaying. The worker only gets a fraction of the value in the form of a salary. All value derives from labor; nothing has value unless a human mixes
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Marx lecture notes - Marx - 19th century England Marx said...

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