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#14 Page 157 "Sociologists and industrial relations researchers have well documented U.S. workers' weakened bargaining power as employers have shipped their jobs overseas, have downsized and laid off workers, forcing workers to accept management's terms for greater involvement. Such disadvantageous conditions can well explain why much of the labor movement has resisted or only grudgingly gone along with the new participatory agenda" The example of Reproco's machine operators: "Like other white-collar working-class jobs, it offered modest pay, low status in the organizational hierarchy, required only a high school degree, offered limited mobility to management, and did not demand or develop complex technical skills. But it also had characteristics of a white-collar middle- class job: Job holders developed social-relational skills and unique kinds of organizational knowledge, the work was unpredictable rather than routine, and semi- autonomous rather than directed by others" (Smith 159). "Reproco's system has intensified everyday work life for poorly compensated workers.
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