September 16th - September 16th , 2008 Work t ransformation...

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September 16 th , 2008 Work transformation 1. Corporation a. Legal person – the end of the 1800s when the business people got together and find ways to be less liable for their business. Corporations were recognized as legal people. Corporations over time got more and more rights as individuals. Corporations have the rights to buy and sell and they didn’t historically have these rights. b. Externalizing machine – because of the legal mandate corporations are externalizing machines. Always try to get someone else to pay for their businesses to save cost. In particular, the corporations push the cost of the environment on someone else. c. Required to put profit before all else (before interests of workers, environment and others) – legal mandate, if somehow there is not enough profits being made, the CEO or company chairs are guilty of a crime. d. Huge productivity – corporations can make more stuff and more cheaply. This is a form of contradiction. As consumers or investors, we profit from the huge productivity. However, the corporation undermines the other aspects of workers as people. e. Corporations in the US have a very short-term goal (getting to the quarterly profit statement). No one pays attention to the long-term effects. The problem is that no one is setting limits to what corporations can do. What needs to happen is that other institutions must step up and control these corporations for the long-term effects. It’s the system within the corporation and not the individuals working for it. Corporations are amoral. Morality does not matter. How has
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September 16th - September 16th , 2008 Work t ransformation...

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