Transformation of Work - Transformation of Work - Lecture...

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Transformation of Work - Lecture Notes – 16 and 18 th of September The Corporation Legal person Externalizing machine Required to put profit before all else Huge productivity 1. Restructuring and downsizing 2. Computerization 3. Workplace participation 4. globalization The corporation is the major model for business over the past 50 years. Responsible for much of the labor movement. Corporate form is as dominant today as a monarchy or communist party. Why? Because of the way it is organizes, it’s history, the way it was set up. It is a legal arrangement as people needed a way to limit their personal liability – to reduce likelihood of being sued, being personally liable without limit. Corporation was given the rights of the legal individual – to buy and sell and to sue and be sued. Became dominant form for business over time – they got more and more rights. They have the right to buy and sell. They live by excessive profit “is to pursue relentlessly and without exception, regardless of harm to others” Corporations “legal mandate” is to make as much profit as possible as the investor you give money so that you can make more and give a return. Maximize profits before all else – workers, environments. Externalizing machine – at every opportunity corporations try to get someone else to pay for their costs – like the military guarding oil at it’s source. They don’t want to pay the military, they let someone else do it. Impact is big particularly the environment – somebody else is usually the taxpayer. One advantage – huge productivity, huge benefits for consumers. Workers are made very vulnerable, treated as a cost that has to be minimized – worker is a cost. Trying to make the biggest profit in the quarter – how long does this sustain – until all our resources are used up. Maybe it’s not the corporations fault, it’s the way it was set up, the govt needs to set limits, it needs different rules – it’s like a shark – it’s doing what it was built to do – it comes natural – restraints are minimal. These corporations bring
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Transformation of Work - Transformation of Work - Lecture...

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