Weber lecture - Theories of Rationalization Ideology ideas...

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Theories of Rationalization Ideology ideas of the ruling class. Marx Ideology – beliefs of the ruling class dominate. They spew propaganda about equality so that the working class won’t rebel. Weber Rationalization era – more logical thinking. The rise of bureaucracy is the process of becoming reasonably rational. Logical in administration, democracy and equality – we see rationality arise The administration system is based on legal rational authority. This has been brought about by democracy There are 3 types of legitimate authority (consent of the government) OR 3 types of organizational administration:- Charismatic authority The charismatic leader has supernatural powers. The workers feel they owe the leader respect and obedience. This leader gets to decide all. He can be whimsical, non- consistent and contradictory. He also gets to go against business, as going against the norm or the law attracts a following. He has a type of transcendent insight and acute initiative. His leadership is unstable, typically his leadership will die with him. They have to constantly prove their miraculous innovations – continue to “wow” as long as this leader can do this, he will retain this power. It is a legitimate authority. An organization will cease to exist without him. Advantages – creative force, gets society thinking
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Weber lecture - Theories of Rationalization Ideology ideas...

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