exam3.08.review - Labor and Labor Movements(359 Fall 2008...

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Labor and Labor Movements (359) Fall 2008 Study Guide for Exam 3 This is a list of concepts that have been covered in the lectures, films, and readings for this portion of the class. You are responsible for knowing all of this material. The examination will consist of one question. The actual question will be worded differently. You will be graded on both the content and the writing quality of your answers. You are expected to incorporate specific examples in your answers. BRING A BLUE BOOK TO THE EXAMINATION From lecture, Lichtenstein, and film “With Babies and Banners” capitalism and democracy “the labor question” industrial democracy industrial unions and trade unions (or craft unions) – craft unions were all inclusive. They are mainly for white males. The American Federation of Labor was one of the first federations of labor unions mainly craft unions. They did not include women or African Americans. They try to create monopolies for their skills by setting the technical, education, and ethical standards. Apprenticeship programs help to keep craft unions at the cutting edge of technological change. These unions want to create an image of an elite club. They did not want anything to do with workers who are not a part of their trade such as auto workers.
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exam3.08.review - Labor and Labor Movements(359 Fall 2008...

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