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DigestiveSystem_Review Sheet - DIGESTIVE SYSTEM EXERCISE...

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DIGESTIVE SYSTEM –EXERCISE #12 -Why do we need to eat? (First slide of my powerpoint) -What are the four major steps to converting food into fuel? Purpose of each step? -Proteins, carbohydrates and lipids are broken down into which monomers? -Trace the pathway of food in the human digestive system. -Which parts of this pathway are concerned with ingestion? Digestion? Absorption? Elimination? -Oral cavity : -What are salivary glands? What do they produce? -What is mucin? What is its function? -What is the function of salivary amylase? -Starch is broken down into what molecule? Where is this molecule further broken down? -Function of the pharynx and esophagus? -What is the epiglottis? -What types of muscles are found surrounding the esophagus? -What is peristalsis? Where does it occur? -What test do we use to indicate the presence of starch? What does a positive test look like? Negative test? Which tubes should have indicated positive? Negative? Why? -Which tubes should have indicated positive for glucose? Why or why not? -If you are given diagrams of the contents of the tubes from the experiments in class be able to tell me if they would test positive or negative for starch or glucose and why.
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DigestiveSystem_Review Sheet - DIGESTIVE SYSTEM EXERCISE...

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