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How to move database of mysql

How to move database of mysql - After that you must create...

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How to move a database of MySQL Additional Information : [] must not be written in command, and inside [], you must write as real as your MySQL,or system are. 1. Use command . mysqldump u[your username] p[your password] [name of database] > [name of backup].sql and your [name of backup].sql will be on the directory that you used command above. 2. You can move [name of backup].sql to any computers that you want to copy this database.
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Unformatted text preview: After that, you must create a database by either using MySQL Command Line Client with this command. create database [your desired database ’ s name] or MySQL Query Browser. 3. After that, you have to run MySQL Command Line Client and login. So, use this following command. use [your recently created database name] source [source of your .sql ’ s file] Finished!...
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