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Last modified: 8/24/09 College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advising Center Advisor Referral List Go to and follow links to make appointment MAJOR ADVISOR E-MAIL UCB OFFICE PHONE ANTH Mindy Wilding [email protected] 233 Hale 357 735-0107 AASA/AAAH Sarah Matsuda [email protected] 318 Law 192 492-1439 AASA/AAAH Richard Seydel [email protected] 318 Law 191 492-7076 CHEM/BCHM Lynn Geiger [email protected] 215 Chem 100 492-8504 CHEM/BCHM Christine Kelly [email protected] 215 Ekeley M198 492-5741 CLAS Shirley Carnahan [email protected] 331 Ktch 227 492-5444 COMM/PRCM Kerri Moncrieff [email protected] 270 Hlms 85B 735-3237 COMM/PRCM Kristi Wasson [email protected] 270 Hlms 85C 492-6565 DIST Dawn Fettig [email protected] 290 Club 111 492-7885 EALC Deanna Fierman [email protected] 279 Norlin S428 735-5089 ECON Jan Horn [email protected] 256 Econ 212 492-5408 ECON Ken Bonetti [email protected] 256 Econ 207 492-8291 ENGL Rogelio Garcia [email protected] 226 Hlms 492-7883 ENGL Christine Luft
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