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FMRI Experimental Design Info

FMRI Experimental Design Info - Order of IV presentation To...

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research hypothesis Adding musical accompaniment to visual stimuli will increase activation intensity within neural structures involved in emotional circuits. Null hypothesis: There are no significant deviations in intensity and or activation of neural structure within subjects being scanned in both conditions experimental conditions Video only (control) Video + Audio (experimental) Variables IV – presence of music (2 conditions: present, not present) DV – neural activation Confounding factor & Counterbalance
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Unformatted text preview: Order of IV presentation To reduce habituation to A-V pairing, order was reversed Presentation of stimuli Manipulation Within-subjects, each subject participates in both experimental conditions Design V.1 Block design, two 2 minute scans 3 sub: 2 min of control (V, no A) , 2 min of exp (V + A) 3 sub: 2 min of exp (V+A), 2 min of control (V, no A) Design V.2 Alternating block design, two 12 minute scans 1 sub: 2 min video on loop where min pattern = AVAVAVAVAVAV, then VAVAVAVAVAVA...
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