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page 7 —— pts NAME: __________________________ Chemistry 231 Sample Quiz Professor: Dr. Gergens 1. Alkane Conformation Analysis a. Name the compound represented by Newman projections A and B:________________________________ b. Calculate the difference in free-energy between the two forms? G = _________ CH 3 CH 3 CH 3 H H CH 3 CH 3 H CH 3 H CH 3 CH 3 A B c. Using your calculated free-energy difference in part b, determine the equilibrium constant between the two conformers at 25 °C? d. Calculate percentage of each conformer present at 25 °C? % A = _______; % B = _______ 2. In cyclohexane, CIRCLE ALL pairs of substitutes that are: E F C D B A trans A; D
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Unformatted text preview: A; E B; C B; F cis A; C B; D C; E D; F 3. (2) Circle all Newman projections that are consistent for the conformer in question 2. (Hint: number the above chair conformer and identify your numbering on your Newman projection choice.) E D F C CH 2 CH 2 H H A B E D F C CH 2 CH 2 B H A H H B H A CH 2 CH 2 E F C D D E C F CH 2 CH 2 B A H H 4. Complete this picture for the following equilibrium: a. Draw the chair conformations for the cis-1-bromo-4-methylcyclohexane b. Circle the most stable conformer c. Explain your reasoning for your answer in part b....
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