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Abstract #3 - practical somaesthetics is when one engages...

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Shusterman, R. (2004) Somaesthetics and Education: Exploring the Terrain, In In Liora Breslin (ed) Knowing Bodies, Moving Minds: Towards Embodied Teaching and Learning. Norwell, MA: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Richard Shusterman defines Somaesthetics as a discipline devoted to the critical, ameliorative study of the experience and use of the body as a locus of sensory aesthetic appreciation and creative self-fashioning. He describes how a body must be physically healthy as well as philosophically in tune. Shusterman explains the three fundamental dimensions of somaesthetics; analytical, pragmatic, and practical. Analytical somaesthetics explains our perceptions and practices and their function in our world. Pragmatic somaesthetics proposes methods of somatic improvement or engaging by comparing explaining and critiquing. Pragmatic is essentially descriptive. Lastly,
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Unformatted text preview: practical somaesthetics is when one engages in programs of disciplined, reflective, corporeal practice to self-improve the somatic. He also says that learning how to create a healthier body and also preparing for the actual act of creating one will prevent pain or injury in the future. Shusterman asks towards the end of his paper, “In what manner or framework could practical somaesthetics be most effectively introduced into the school curriculum at the various levels of primary, secondary, and college education?” He answers this question by giving examples of how the lessons might be construed to seem scandalous because some of the sexual natures of the teachings. But he also states that he doesn’t believe that water-down versions of the teachings are sufficient and then compares this to other philosophical works....
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