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Unformatted text preview: F. Goodman, N. Art and Authenticity (1997). In Feagin, Susan and Patrick Maynard Aesthetics . New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 264-270 In Art and Authenticity, Goodman looks at the purely aesthetic side of art by giving us an example of a painballet xting and an excellent forgery. He discusses that “merely looking” is a relative term with many variations and depending on the experience of the person doing the looking the comparison can change. Goodman further asks if one is to look at a picture at a certain time and can’t see a difference, then is there really an aesthetic difference? He talks about how one may learn differences between the paintings since they have the knowledge of which is real and which is the forgery. This can also help distinguish them at a later time. But then he states that just knowing there is a difference between the two can form a bias about the forgery. If one can still not be able to “see” a difference and a machine is brought in to “see”, the machines conclusion might...
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