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5.1 - 5.1 Current vs Enif in ICapacitor Circuit A capacitor...

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Unformatted text preview: 5.1 Current vs. Enif in ICapacitor Circuit A capacitor is connected to a varying source of enif. Given the behavior of fishown, the current through the wines changes according to: E lL: b 5. None ofthe ahoye. PW answer: 1. The charge on the capacitor is proportional to the potential difference applied to the capacitor. If the potential difference increases linearly, then the charge will increase linearly, and so there must he a steady current {charge per unit time) through the wires. Similarly, if the potential difference is constant, the charge is constant and hence there is zero ciurent. Finally, when the potential difference decreases, the charge decreases too and so charge niust flow hacls in the opposite direction. Mathematically, the current is proportional to the time derivatiye of the enif ...
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