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6.3 - d 3—Finding Eleetrie Field Veeter given and...

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Unformatted text preview: d. 3—Finding Eleetrie Field Veeter given and Eleetrie Field Veeter fer a Planar EM TWave A planar eleetreinagnetie wave is prep agating threugh spaee. Its eleetrie field veeter is given hv E = En eesfifiz— mrji. Its magnetic: field veeter is : E = Eu eeslfilzs— {as}? E = En eeslfllcy—mrji E = En easifky— msji E = B“ easifiles— msji answer: 1. Freni the espressien fer the eleetrie field veeter we see that the wave is prepagating in the s direetien with the eleetrie field aligned aleng the is assis. Prepagating eleetreniagnetie waves have eithegenal eleetrie and magnetic: fields. ...
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