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7.12 - T IE—Light Shining Threugh Twe Nan-P arallel...

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Unformatted text preview: T. IE—Light Shining Threugh Twe Nan-P arallel Slides - 1 Meneehrenlatie light shines an apair ef identieal glass niiereseepe slides that farm a very narraw wedge. The tap surfaee ef the upper slide and the hettern surflee ef the lewer slide have special eeatings an them se that the}: refleet ne light. The inner twe surfaees (A and B} have nensere refleetisities. [I I I I win .,. . . 1 all-flu; fl". HEP: "It“ A tap View efthe slides leeks like: r—‘inswer: I. The true inner surfiees preduee aninterfirenee pattern that varies fi'em darl-z ta light as the separahen hetween the slides, inereases. Light refleeted farm the surfaee A undergees nu phase shift while light refleeted fi'em surfiee E undergees aphase shift ef 13D”. TWhere the surfaee have near sere separatien, we see tetal destruetitre interferenee. The resulting pattern has a dark hand near the paint ef eentaet efthe twe slides. ...
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