cytoskeleton - will be alpha and the other end will be...

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THE CYTOSKELETON Adapted from J.M.Palmer For each cell structure/process in the left-hand column below, find the letter(s) that best correspond to it ___D and B_____ Cytoplasmic streaming __A C D _______ Giving shape and structure to the cell _C and F________ Moving organelles in cells __Actin and myosin ( amoeboid ) and Microtubules and dyenin ( cilia and flagella) ______ Moving the cell (cell motility) __D and B_______ Extending a pseudopod ____E_____ Sliding microtubules past each other ____D and B______ Amoeboid movement ___C_______ Positioning chromosomes ____A______ Formation of nuclear lamina _____A_____ positioning the nucleus ____C and E______ cilia and flagella movement ___D and B_______ muscle contraction A. Intermediate filament B. Myosin C. Microtubules D. Actin E. Dynein F. Kinesin 1) Are microtubules polar? Microtubules are polar as the alpha and beta subunits assemble in order , so one
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Unformatted text preview: will be alpha and the other end will be beta. There is also a plus end and a minus end like in microfilaments. 2) A variety of chemicals lead to disassembly of MTs: colchicines, vinblastine, vincristine. A) What effect might you see on an ordinary animal cell if you added these? Movement of organelles within the cell will stop. Cell divison will stop. b) What effect would you see on an algal cell in which cytoplasmic streaming is occurring? No effect: cytoplasmic streaming is due to myosin/actin interactions. 3) Taxol is a compound that prevents the disassembly of MTs, by blocking removal of Tubulin dimmers. Why do u think this has been used as an effective anti-cancer drug to treat different types of cancer? Cancer cells divide frequently and taxol will prevent the spindle from pulling chromosomes into daughter cells....
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cytoskeleton - will be alpha and the other end will be...

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