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27: Chapter Quiz 1 . Why is salt a good preservative to use for foods such as pork and fish? (Concept 27.1E-Book) Prokaryotes living in the food products will take in excess water and explode. Salt is a toxin to prokaryotic cells and leads to their death. Prokaryotic cells will shrink from their cell walls, impacting their ability to reproduce. Salt breaks down the chitin contained in the cell walls of prokaryotes. Salt breaks down the peptidoglycan found in the capsule of prokaryotes. 2 . Gram-negative bacteria have _____ peptidoglycan than gram-positive cells, and their cell walls are _____ complex structurally. more . .. more more . .. less less . .. less less . .. more none of the above 3 . A gram-negative cell wall consists of _____. a thick layer of peptidoglycan surrounded by an outer membrane a thin layer of peptidoglycan surrounded by an outer membrane two layers of peptidoglycan with a layer of lipid in between cholesterol and peptidoglycan bacteriorhodopsin and periplasmic gel 4 . Which statement about prokaryotic fimbriae and pili is not true? (Concept 27.1E-Book) [Hint] They may assist prokaryotes in adhering to a substrate. They may assist prokaryotes in adhering to each other. They are more similar in structure to eukaryotic flagella than they are similar to prokaryotic flagella. Specialized pili link prokaryotes during conjugation. Fimbriae are usually more numerous and shorter than pili. 5 . What is the role of the basal apparatus in a prokaryotic cell? (Concept 27.1E-Book) [Hint] It attaches the capsule to the cell wall. It controls the joining of two bacterial cells during conjugation. It functions in the cellular respiration of some aerobic prokaryotes. It stores endospores. It is a system of rings in the cell wall that power the flagellum. 6 . Bacteria that _____ tend to have abundant internal membranes. (Concept 27.1E-Book) [Hint] are phototosynthetic are gram-negative have flagella are pathogenic all of the above 7 . Which one of the following is not used to identify different kinds of bacteria? (Concept 27.1E-Book) mode of nutrition cell wall composition number of chromosomes cell shape colony characteristics when grown on solid nutrient agar 1
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8 . Bacterial cells, but not eukaryotic cells, possess _____. photosynthetic pigments a nucleoid with a circular chromosome membrane-enclosed organelles a "9 + 2" arrangement of microtubules cell walls 9 . Plasmids _____. replicate independently of the main chromosome often contain antibiotic resistance genes are transferred from one bacterium to another by conjugation allow bacteria to survive adverse conditions all of the above 10 . The bacteria that cause tetanus can be killed only by prolonged heating at temperatures considerably above boiling. This suggests that these bacteria _____. have cell walls containing peptidoglycan
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Ch 6 and 27 Online Quizzes - 1 27: Chapter Quiz 1 . Why is...

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