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Study guide BIO 311C Exam 3 Chapters 8, 9, 10, 16, 17 (partly), 54 (partly) 1) Differentiate based on examples: potential energy, kinetic energy, anabolism, catabolism 2) Know the two laws of thermodynamics. 3) Under what conditions would entropy/enthalpy/free energy of a system increase/decrease? (example polymerization reaction, dehydration reaction , hydrolysis etc). 4) What is Gibb’s free energy? 5) Carbon and nitrogen cycles - what is nitrification and ammonification? 6) Energy flow and nutrient cycling in an ecosystem (54.2) 7) Trophic relationship and nutrient cycling model (54.16) 8) Know to determine if a reaction is exergonic/endergonic, spontaneous/non- spontaneous depending on calculated G values. (Know the formula: G = H – T S) 9) What are the types of work powered by ATP? 10) Be able to determine which reaction (among given) can be coupled to ATP hydrolysis 11) Know to label parts of a graph of an enzyme catalyzed reaction – Fig 8.15 12) Concept : Correlation between free energy and equilibrium, free energy and stability 13) What is activation energy? 14) What is the effect of temp and pH on enzyme activity? (Fig 8.18) 15) Understand how competitive and non-competitive inhibitors work (Fig 8.19) 16) What is allosteric regulation, cooperativity and feedback inhibition? 17) How do enzymes lower activation energy barrier? 18) Understand induced fit hypothesis of enzyme substrate binding 19) Examples of cofactors and coenzymes. 20) What are redox reactions? In a reaction be able to identify what is oxidized/reduced, which is the oxidizing/reducing agent. Know examples of oxidizing and reducing agents discussed. 21) What is substrate level phosphorylation? Where does substrate level and oxidative
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Study guide F06_ Exam 3 - Study guide BIO 311C Exam 3...

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