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English W131 – Elementary Composition I TR, Fall 2009 M. Catherine Beck E NGLISH W131: E LEMENTARY C OMPOSITION I – F ALL 2009 T UESDAY /T HURSDAY 12:00 – 1:15, C AVANAUGH H ALL 233 Welcome to English W131. This syllabus outlines my specific expectations, requirements, and suggestions for making the most out of our time this semester. M ATERIALS : Required Textbook: The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing , Custom Edition for IUPUI, by John D. Ramage, John C. Bean & June Johnson Recommended: A 3-ring binder with dividers to hold all of your work for the semester in one place. C OURSE D ESCRIPTION : English W131 is a writing course designed to help EAP writers write effectively at the college level and beyond. It does so through reading, writing, and collaborative experiences that will help you to develop analytical skills and critical thinking. Because this is a writing course, composing and revising are important features of the experience in W131, and so you will find a range of activities designed to help you to conceive, compose, and revise three essays, including image analysis, summary-strong response, and analysis-synthesis. Each of these essays will be part of a writing project that also includes a Writer’s Statement. Assessment of your work in W131 will occur throughout the semester and in a final portfolio consisting of a Retrospective Essay and the revision of one of the writing project essays. In the end, the skills you work on in W131 will help you to become a better writer and a better thinker. C OURSE G OALS : By the end of English W131, you should be able to Have something to say Explore a topic Shape writing according to your purpose and audience Participate in good conversations about writing Use sources well Polish and present final work W131 AND THE PRINCIPLES OF UNDERGRADUATE LEARNING : The Principles of Undergraduate Learning (PULs) are the essential ingredients of the undergraduate educational experience at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. These principles form a conceptual framework for all students' general education but necessarily permeate the curriculum in the major field of study as well. More specific expectations for IUPUI's graduates are determined by the faculty in a student's major field of study. Together, these expectations speak to what graduates of IUPUI will know and what they will be able to do upon completion of their degree. In W131, as in all IUPUI courses, many of the PULs are addressed. The particular PUL that receives the most emphasis in this course is the following: Core Communication and Quantitative Skills Definition: The ability of students to express and interpret information, perform quantitative analysis, and use information resources and technology--the foundational skills necessary for all IUPUI students to succeed. Outcomes: Core communication and quantitative skills are demonstrated by the student’s ability to a.
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W131+Syllabus+TR+F09+Beck - English W131 Elementary...

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