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Unformatted text preview: Threads and Threaded Fasteners ENGR 111C Class 10.2 October 30, 2008 Learning Objectives Be able to understand threaded parts and their terminology Be able to draw threads symbols in Simplified or Schematic representations Be able to interpret and write thread notes in both Metric and English systems Thread Terminology Thread Terminology Thread Terminology Thread Symbols Common Head Types Simplified Threads Schematic Threads Detailed Threads English Thread Notes English Thread Notes English Thread Tables Metric Thread Notes Metric Thread Notes Metric Thread Tables The Dimension, Leader Command AutoCAD can apply leaders with text directly Activate the Dimension toolbar and select the Dimension, Leader icon (you can also type qleader on the command line) Start at the tip of the arrow and draw segments back to the text location Press enter and type your text Chamfers Runout Created when objects intersect a cylinder No stopping line is needed The RUNOUT line simply stops in the middle of no where Assignment (AUTOCAD) Plate 283 Page 284 Due at the end of class. ...
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