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Homework11.1(2) - Homework 11.1 For all problems use"headers to put your name course number section number team number etc at the top of each page

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Homework 11.1 For all problems use “headers” to put your name, course number, section number, team number, etc. at the top of each page you submit. You should properly label axes and title all graphs. Complete as a team. Problem: 1 A sporting goods store sells the following: a. Tennis racquets: $123.67 b. Tennis balls: $1.99/can c. Softball gloves: $32.34 d. Softballs: $3.20 e. Track pants: $19.99 f. Air-max running shoes: $79.99 A club buys the following from the sports store: 8 tennis racquets, 20 cans of tennis balls, 11 track pants, 22 pairs of running shoes, 15 softball gloves, and 5 softballs. Develop a spreadsheet to calculate the total cost of this purchase, factor in an additional 8.25% sales tax. If the sports store had offered a price reduction of 10%, 15%, and 20% on the tennis racquets, running shoes, and softball gloves, respectively, what would be the total cost? Print the spreadsheet (both parts of the problem on one sheet of paper) with properly labeled columns and rows. Problem: 2
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