Corrected%20Schedule%20of%20Classes - Chapter 9 Tues Oct 21...

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Schedule of Classes Date Topic Readings Assignments Tues, Aug. 26 Introduction to the Class Thur, Aug. 28 Chapter 1 Tues, Sep. 2 Thur, Sep. 4 Gender Role Attitudes Chapter 3 Tues, Sep. 9 Gender Role Attitudes (con’t) Chapter 3 Thur, Sep. 11 Cognitive Ability, Social and Personality Chapter 4 Tues, Sep. 16 Moral and Social Development Chapter 4 Thur, Sep. 18 Theories of Gender Development Chapter 5 Tues, Sep. 23 Theories of Gender Development (con’t) Chapter 5 Thur, Sep. 25 EXAM 1 Tues, Sep. 30 Communication Chapter 7 Thur, Oct. 2 Communication (con’t) Chapter 7 Tues, Oct. 7 Friendships Chapter 8 Thur, Oct. 9 Friendships (con’t) Chapter 8 Portfolio   Review Tues, Oct. 14 Romantic Relationships Chapter 9 Thur, Oct. 16 Romantic Relationships (con’t)
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 9 Tues, Oct. 21 Relationships and Health/Movie: The Story of Us Chapter 11 Thur, Oct. 23 Movie: The Story of Us Movie Review due Tues, Oct. 28 EXAM 2 Thur, Oct. 30 Mental Health Chapter 13 Tues, Nov. 4 Mental Health (con’t) Chapter 13 Thur, Nov. 6 Achievement Chapter 6 Tues, Nov. 11 Achievement (con’t) Chapter 6 Thur, Nov. 13 Violence Against Women Webct, Ch. 11 Tues, Nov. 18 Violence Against Women (con’t) Chapter 11 Paper due Thur, Nov. 20 Women and Work Chapter 12 Tues, Nov. 25 Women and Work (con’t)/Movie: North Country Chapter 12 Thur, Nov. 27 THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY (NO CLASS) Tues, Dec 2 Movie: North Country Portfolio due Wed., Dec. 10 1:00 – 3:00pm EXAM 3...
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Corrected%20Schedule%20of%20Classes - Chapter 9 Tues Oct 21...

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