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Erin Brockovich - Psyc 300-501 Movie Review(Erin Brockovich...

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Psyc 300-501 Movie Review (Erin Brockovich) Vulnerable lady Vs. Strong courage "…there is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women ", Kofi Annan. Erin Brockovich is based on a real story about a single mother who has complicatedness in looking for a job while simultaneously trying to take care of her family. Erin is portrayed as a hot, unsuccessful woman in respects of both marriages and work, who has become a victim of her own negative attitudes. She is thought of as an outcast because of her profanity, dressing and her never-giving-up mind-set. The story however twirls when she becomes the highlight for discovering a conspiracy of a multibillion dollar firm which was responsible for endangering lives of hundreds due to contaminated water. Since our civilization has precisely defined gender roles over time, it has become very difficult for both gender spheres to accept new roles. In psychological terminology they are called intrarole conflicts. They crop up when the expectations of one role conflict with the demands of others. The best example from the movie comes from the fact that Erin struggles to be a successful mother of three while in chorus with a good performance at work. As a traditional woman, she is expected to give more to her family but her circumstances and focus related to work draws her away. Due to her powerful speech and self-motivation, she gets a job but she is faced with the dilemma of being an outcast in her office. She is treated differently due to her lusty dressing and profane speech, which makes her more like a burden to the company. She is on a verge of
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losing her job due to her contrasting attitudes; contrasting attitudes against traditional female gender role.
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