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Psychology Class Notes Final Exam - Statistics 10/28/08 Why...

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Statistics 10/28/08 Why Have Statistics: Help us organize information and make sense of it, otherwise it’s wasted data Measuring Central Tendency: 1. Mean (average) 2. Media n(middle number) 3. Mode (number that occurs most often) Measuring Variation: 1. Range (highest score – lowest score) 2. Standard Deviation (How much on average the typical score deviated from the mean of the data set) (the bigger the standard deviation, the more variations Reporting Scores: Percentages (number of items correct / points possible o Tell how well you did on a test but don’t tell you how you did compared to others Percentiles o Tell you the percentage of people who took the test scored beneath you o PROBLEM: EX: 100 people took a test ; 100 items on test Sue 90/100 99%ile Bill 88/100 98%ile Joe 42/100 97%ile o *** They do not tell you how well you performed on a test, just how you did compared to others Curvilinear graph: Correlations: Correlational Coefficient ‘r’ (values range from 0-1) Valence signs +/- .80 versus -.82 Statistics work of Satan Ex1: 4 out of 5 dentists recommend their product… -don’t tell you who they surveyed Ex2: 1 in 5 American are functionally literate… -inflate numbers Ex3: 1992 Jeffrey Dahmer was the only case of cannibalism -What if in 1993 we found 2 cases of cannibalism - What percent increase? 100% increase! **STATISTICS CAN BE MISLEADING WHEN USED INACCURATELY Attitudes/Beliefs – Social Psychology - 11/4/08 How attitudes and beliefs are formed: 1. Reinforced a. Indirectly (osmosis…) Spain Example. Negy went to Spain and traveled in subways. Have an attitude about personal space because they subways were packed, and in America it’s different. Waited for train 3 times and then got on because nothing changed
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b. D i rectly Latent Direct Reinforcement Election girl, Al Gore Fan at dinner, washes mouth out with soap, can’t finish dinner. Next day, girl comes down in Bush shirt and daddy says I’m so proud of you and rewards her with big breakfast. - confirmation bias —already have belief, you go out to find data to show why our attitudes are correct. 2. Rational a. Data are explored b. All sides are considered c. Conscious decision is made Religious education = oxymoron Video – Culture 11/6/08 Culture —“The political correct epic” –people who belong tom minorities started to become vocal because they didn’t like negative aspects. They became radical and had big effect - Good scholar sees good, bad , and ugly on whatever their focus is - Literature is more equal VIDEO - Yanomami Indians – South America – Brazil Venezuela – share border – each have a reservation - White anthropologist KIM spends career studying them, learned language - When a girl has her menarchy(period)—time to get married and age isn’t a factor - Moved to US after having a baby, KIM’s wife Yammar. Move to find people - About Yammar return to her old village - Village was hard to find
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Psychology Class Notes Final Exam - Statistics 10/28/08 Why...

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