Psychology Note Chapter 11 Abnormal Psychology

Psychology Note Chapter 11 Abnormal Psychology - Chapter 11...

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Chapter 11 Abnormal Psychology: Psychopathology —AKA abnormal behavior—any behavior, thoughts or feelings, that are considered deviant and violate society’s standards for behavior. What makes a behavior acceptable or unacceptable is not so much anything inherently good or bad about the behavior, but instead whether the society deems the behavior good or bad. o Ex: Ok breast feeding at age 5 in Native American cultures Is ok, but not really accepted in the US. Normal and abnormal behavior occur on a single continuum rather than being dichotomous phenomena. We diagnose people with abnormal behavior when most of us do not have those certain characteristics. Intern’s Syndrome —those who study psychopathology to find themselves after serous contemplation of “mental illnesses” that exist, believing that they have some if not most of the abnormal conditions. Etiology —origin Models of Psychopathology: 1. Moral (Demonological Model)— the belief that people display abnormal behavior because the individual are possessed by evil spirits that are either demons or witches. a. Trephining (Trepanning)—carving a hole in a person’s skill to let the “demon” escape. b. People were also beaten and burnt alive. 2. Medical or Biomedical Model —cause by physiological conditions, such as hormonal problems, chemical imbalance, or genetic defect. a. Method of treatment was less severe, used drugs or herbs. 3. Psychogenic Model —most abnormal behavior is caused by psychological problems, created by Freud. a. Treated with Psychoanalysis 4. Behavioral (Learning) Model —abnormal behaviors were the result of having had a dysfunctional history of reinforcement and punishment. Watson a. Treatment was review of client’s environment to alter the types of reinforcement that the person was receiving. 5.
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Psychology Note Chapter 11 Abnormal Psychology - Chapter 11...

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