Psychology Notes Chapter 9 Personality

Psychology Notes Chapter 9 Personality - Chapter 9...

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Chapter 9 Personality Personality –reasonably stable patters of behaviors including thoughts and feelings that characterize a person’s adaptation to life. Traits —personality characteristics Sigmund Freud: Father of Personality Born in Czech Republic, Jewish, private practice, hypnotherapy, psychoanalysis, Cancer of the Jaw, wrote 21 volumes of information, brothers and sisters all killed by Nazis, got daughter back after paying ransom. Died in 1939 after asking for an overdose of morphine. His ideas: Compared the mind to an iceberg: o About 1-3 is above the water line (consciousness) o Remaining 2/3 is below the water line (unconsciousness) o Believed we could be happier in we lowered the water line and get in touch with hidden motives Id —completely unconscious, represents our basic impulses and urged because it operates on the pleasure principle. Ego —engages in reality testing as it is the referee between the id and superego. Operates on reality principle Superego —our conscience, develops over the years, tell us to what one should do or ought to do Defense Mechanisms: Occur unconsciously 1. Displacement —when we displace unacceptable feelings from a threatening object/person to a less threatening object/person. Ex: Yelling at wife after hard day at work and getting crap from supervisor 2. Regression —rare, the person will manifest behaviors that were prevalent during a previous stage of development. Ex : After traumatic event, person crawls up into fetal position and cries. 3.
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Psychology Notes Chapter 9 Personality - Chapter 9...

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