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Ch 13 Social Psychology Social Psychology —the study of individuals’ behavior while in the presence of others. Sociology —is the study of how groups of people behave. Roles: Role —a position in society that has rules or norms that more or less dictate how a person should behave when occupying that particular position. Philip Zimbardo —psychologist that obtained a grant to convert the entire basement of a building on Stanford University’s campus into a jail Prison study —a study how individuals behave when suddenly cast into a role that is unfamiliar to them. The study consisted of inmates and guards. Guards assumed authority and liked it while the study was halted after 6 days. Results: the study demonstrated that social roles exert enormous power on how individuals actually behave. Most of us have authoritarianism in us. Stereotypes: Stereotypes —impressionistic summaries of people pertaining to specific groups. Help us organize information about a group. Grain of Truth Hypothesis
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