HUM 2230 Connie Jordan - Essay questions - choose from one...

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Essay questions - choose from one of these, must be MLA cited and have a bibliography. Need three citations. 500 words. Can use the textbook. Don’t want a general paper Can do essay on one artist or compare two artist. Don’t pick too many (6 is too many) artists. Due day of the TEST 1.)The Baroque period enhanced art through the Counter-Reformation of the Catholic Church, the Absolutism of Monarchs and the Protestant Baroque in Germany and the Netherlands.(all of these areas had $). – you would pick one or two of these. (someone from the time period above) 2.) The enlightenment changed man’s thinking to reason and freedom. John Locke “An individual has worth and he should have freedom” Diderot, Rousseau, Adam Smith, Kant, Voltaire(also satire) Choose one essay. Do not write on all of them in your essay, Have a title and may use visuals. Test maybe February 2 nd and there is a review the 30 th . Bring book when we review. 60 Questions on the test. There is extra credit on the test (fill in the blank) Test *probably* February 2 nd . Instructor: Connie Jordan Em Home Phone: 407 647 4559 Office Phone: 407823 2273 Psychology building R. 220 By Appointment (esp. good 12:30 to 3:00 PM) Text: Adventures in the Human Spirit Fifth Edition (new or used) Course Description: An interdisciplinary multicultural study of the history of the world beginning with the Baroque period and hopefully ending with NOW! Course Objective and goals:
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HUM 2230 Connie Jordan - Essay questions - choose from one...

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