Ch 11 - The Enlightenment - Combined

Ch 11 - The Enlightenment - Combined - CHAPTER 11 – ENL...

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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 11 – ENL IG HTEN MENT T HE SPIR I T OF T HE ENL IG HTEN MENT: T HE ROCOCO STYLE: • When Louis XIV died, the 50,000 aristocrats that had to live at Versailles fled. • They settled in new Parisian townhouses and developed a “salon” style. I t was a gathering of “good company an – association of sexes characterized by its charm, an art of tact, indulgence and worldly wisdom.” This was for the aristocrats, the upper bourgeoisie, and the elite! Women strive to have the most elegant salon. The woman who seemed to have won was Madame Pompadour – royal mistress to Louis XV. ART ISTS: FRENCH 1. WATTEAU —Painted celebrations and parties of the elite. Scenes of a gentleman leaning towards his lady, cupids in the air, and love painting flesh. 2. BOUCHER — “The Toilet of Venus” is like an erotic theatre. A curtain painted backdrop, props, costumes gentle playfulness. Patron = M. Pompadour 3. FRAGONARD —A scene of playful seduction – looking up the skirt. “The Swing” GER MANY – PALACES AND CHURCHES 1. Page 300 - Wurzburg, Germany – Bishops Palace 2. Page 301- Church Bamberg, Germany ART IST: ENGLAND • GAINSBOROUGH – he had a candid informal style, romanticized and sympathetic treatment of subjects often in a rustic setting. ENL IG HTEN MENT : • Gone was the bastion of absolutism, and the king paled in the light of reason and science.( religion in many ways, too) The Godfathers of these “philosophies” of Paris were ISAAC NEWTON, DESCARTES AND JOHN LOCKE . JOHN LOCKE : Empiricisms (pg.284-85- 91) 1. John Locke’s Essay Concerning Human understanding stated that the mind is a blank slate. If humans become brutish, depends on their experience and environment. The mind is “furnished with the observation of external objects (sensation) and inner workings ....
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Ch 11 - The Enlightenment - Combined - CHAPTER 11 – ENL...

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