Review For Test 3 - Review for Test 3 *F reud Worksheet*...

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Review for Test 3 *Freud Worksheet* Newton – his theory of gravity was thrown out. What does not have an equal gravity of attraction? – The Sun Einstein proved some of the things Newton did were wrong. Things were measured by the speed of light. Some blame him for giving people the idea to create the atom bomb. Section in the book on pg. 384 – “ A New Science” The Great War: What was so different about WWI: First time machine guns, airplanes, tanks, trench warfare employed. It was a high tech war Russian Revolution Lenin, Stalin got their ideas from Karl Marx. Happened around the time of WWI. Most of the creative people left due to the communism. Picture pg 385 Vladimir Tatlin – Monument to the Third Instrumental – spiral curved building that was never created Photographers: Dorothea Lange’s picture on pg 386 depicting depression. Some in the next chapter: Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger, Robert Mapplethorpe: They arrange pictures so they would show what they wanted to see. Cindy Sherman – showed a picture of a women(herself) with a tough look,. Barbara Kruger – puts huge pictures on big walls in New York City that would have messages on them. Very often the messages were about women. They were almost like billboards . Robert Mapplethorpe – he was homosexual. Did a variety of paintings of men dressed like women and very sexual themes. Some museums rejected his work and there were protests against his works. Picasso
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Review For Test 3 - Review for Test 3 *F reud Worksheet*...

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