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Essay 2 Topic - Essay Words M LA Format READ MODERNITY(362...

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Essay Words MLA Format READ MODERNITY (362) In the mid 19 th century, all culture and way of life changed. Architecture, theater, music, literature, and especially art. Impressionism led by Clause Monet looked at the world in a different way and even painted it in a different manner. Describe how art changed during this time period using examples from the text or other books. 3 different sources. Not from wiki. In the mid-nineteenth century the culture of art and way of life underwent a drastic change. Lifestyles changed from men and women working on farms to a new lifestyle described by the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution set the stage for modernity to set in. Men and women now worked in factories and lived in cramped quarters after twelve hour workdays. As with the lifestyle, the arts changed with the time period as usual. New forms of architecture, music, paintings, literature, and theater were all produced and laid the foundation for great artists to prosper in this newly defined world.
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